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Private Hire Service in London and throughout the UK
About Champion’s Cars Service Ltd

For over 20 years, London locals and visitors with somewhere to go have contacted us on 02077031118 and 0207037777.

In March 2016, we took over London Cars South and incorporated it with our existing company London Express Hire. In September of 2016, we merged these two businesses and started trading as Champion’s Cars Service Ltd. London Cars South had been operating in and around SE London for over 8 years and now with a management team with over 12 years experience in this industry we expect a bright and long-lasting future for Champion’s Cars Service Ltd in the private hire industry.

The most significant change for our company is the launch of our new website and online booking system, in September 2016. The launch of the website means we can reach out to more customers and give them an easier and more convenient means of booking a car.

Economical Fares
Our rates are fixed, fair and competitive. We won’t charge you for time it takes one of our drivers to get to your destination so that you only need to pay for the distance you travel and .

Experienced and Responsible Drivers
We employ experienced drivers with current, up-to-date knowledge of London’s streets. Our drivers were selected based on their reliable performance and have all been working with us for several years.

Safe Mini-Cab Hire
We are a fully licensed private hire company and meet all TfL regulations. All our vehicles are regularly serviced to ensure that they always safe to transport and all our drivers are monitored via PDA’s from our London control office.

Get a professional, safe and reliable mini-cab in London or anywhere in the UK.
Contact Champion’s Cars Services Ltd via our Contact Us form, call 020 7703 1118 or 020 7703 7777, or email us at ​info@championscarsserviceltd.co.uk.

Our Fleet at Champion’s Cars Service

About Us

We’re a local reputable private hire company based in SE London. We can facilitate your journey to and from work, tourist hotspots, airports, and other destinations around London.

Our Expertise

Our revamped private hire company has been established for over 8 years. Our staff are dedicated to being timeous and providing a convenient service. We are always responsible when transporting both you and your belonging.

Our Team

Our managers have over 12 years of experience in the industry and have built up a team of skilled and friendly drivers and controllers.

Get In Touch

For over 20 years our phone numbers have been used by locals and tourists alike to book mini-cabs in London.

Give us a call on 020 7703 1118 or
020 7703 7777, or email